Friday, July 25, 2008

Zero Hour for 24 hours der Lemons!

After a lot of work on all of our parts, especially JP and Brian, the Beertech entry for the 24 Hours of Lemons- Team Mustache Ride- is close to completion, with a full cage, race seats, cool suit apparatus, fire suppression, race tires, etc etc. The final touch will be some clandestine visual enhancements to be performed tonight, most likely under the influence of Miller Lite, at the Track.

Saturday morning, the rest of Team Mustache Ride will arrive at the track, including me (Type Rob), our Yankee hotshoe Klaus, and Head Crew Chief Big Tom. Cigars, beers, lots of meat and lots of ice are packed and ready to go.

Pictures, stories, and videos will be shared as soon as they are available

Until then, take care, and don't let your PBR get too warm...

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