Monday, June 2, 2008

Beertech goes Guerrilla

Beertech Racing Goes Guerrilla!

This is just a small update, but a precursor to a frenzy of near future updates. Beertech Racing (and its subsidiaries, trusties, hangers-on, lackies, and wenches), have officially been accepted into the 2008 24 Hours of Lemons on July 26 at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC ( ). We are excited because this event embodies the very essence of Beertech, and of course we’ll get to drink during the festivities (once the cars are parked that is)

Due to an unforeseen personnel change, Beertech Racing is pleased to announce that a member of our chief competitors, Malt Liquor Tech, will be putting on his drinking shoes and trying to hang with the big dogs. Hopefully Steven won’t embarrass us too badly, or at least no worse than we already do to ourselves (I’m looking at you Ian…). The storm of mudslinging has already begun, although hopefully both teams have better drivers than they do shit-talkers.

On the equipment side, a wonderful young Indian lady was gracious enough to total one of the Beertech Wench’s daily drivers, and now that a suitable replacement has been found, our trusty steed is being prepared to carry us onto the fields of battle, conquer the competition, and still start (hopefully) the next day. Pictures of our weapon of choice will soon be posted.

That’s all for now, please be on the lookout for updates in the near future!

Type Rob


laz said...

Nice! It's a great time. I drove for team Golden Showers a month ago at Altamont. My advice:
- relocate your radiator
- bring lots of bailing wire
- driving an extra "parts car" is a good idea

DarkSideDE said...

Thank you from The Dark Side for our
2008 Beertech Seal of Approval