Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Car 467 Returns to Action

Just a quick Update:

It was down to the wire to make it to the race this weekend at CMP. But through the amazing work done by Steve Bassan (the man is a magician), the good folks at Greensboro Maaco, the generosity of Steven Canterbury and JP... car 467 is back and better than before.

It was great to be back on track however I'm going to leave the race report to JP (see Below). I was a bit timid to say the least. The only thing I wanted to do was have a clean weekend. Get my 2 sigs and bring my car back in one piece. Not a very lofty goal but with all the damaged e30 metal incurred by BeerTech this year, I figured I'd do my part to help keep the price of parts from going through the roof.

Not sure why... but I ran a faster lap on Saturday than I did on Sunday. Oh well...

All in all I liked the track at CMP. It's both fast and technical. I think I'll fair much better the next time I go.

Scott... Out


Aunt Nora said...

way to go JP! Be safe and have fun. Wade would love to see you I am sure. His girl races go carts. Thats to fast for me:)

JP Coates said...

Thanks Nora. We may be racing at Summit Point late in the year. Its just across the border in WV.

PS - Scott is #467. Scott, sign your name after you post.

Rob said...

Good to see it back in one relatively straight piece Scott!